Why should I choose Dhee Compliance to outsource finance and accounting services?

Dhee Compliance have been in this field since 1995 and have age old experience in the service delivered, thus have better vision in the finance and accounting and bookkeeping matters. We are one of the Best Accounting Service Providers in Bangalore. We also provide Online Accounting Services.

Choosing Dhee helps in

  • Cost reductions
  • Timely Compliance with GST, TDS, Labour Laws, etc
  • Saves your Time
  • Up to date accounting enables you to keep track of your financial position at any time
What is the skill level of your book keeping services team?

It would be my proud moment to claim that we have the best abilities on board, our staff are skilled and have professional level knowledge in bookkeeping, payroll, accounting service, tax service and finance management and are trained in the latest software

Can Bookkeeping be outsourced?

Yes, there are many benefits of outsourcing accounting and book keeping. Outsourcing book keeping offers you the possibility to hire a professional with a higher level of expertise at an affordable price. Dhee Compliance does the best Outsourced Compliance Management.

How much does outsourcing bookkeeping cost at Dhee compliance?

Dhee compliance provide the outsourcing of accounting and book keeping at a low cost. Bookkeeping services from Dhee can always be outsourced at a minimal price which generally falls in the range of 15,000 to 30,000 INR per month depending on the amount and complexity of work.

How secure is to outsource data management to another company? What about data security and privacy?

You Can Outsource Data Management While Maintaining Privacy and Security. As an organization, we have the policies and procedures in place to ensure that any confidential data we receive from you is securely stored and accessed. Dhee Compliance is very ethical and thoughtful about privacy. We respect your copyright as well as your confidentiality and make sure that any client related information is not circulated, distributed, sublicensed, vended or dispersed to third-party at any cost.

Can compliance function be outsourced?

Yes, Outsourcing the compliance function, effectively helps to reduce costs.

What does an outsourced bookkeeper do?
  • Bookkeeping
  • Payroll processing services
  • Compliance with ESI, PF, PT and labour welfare fund
  • Compliance with GST
  • Compliance with TDS
  • Compliance with Income Tax
What services are offered in outsourcing the bookkeeping?
  • Accounting Bookkeeping Services Dhee Offers
  • Bank account reconciliation
  • GST returns
  • PT Return
  • ESI Returns
  • PF Returns
  • TDS Returns
  • Income Tax Filing
  • ROC Returns
  • Accounting Setup Services
  • Assets / equipment ledger maintenance
  • Preparing accounts receivable reports
  • Preparing accounts payable reports
  • Preparing ageing reports & summaries
  • Credit card reconciliation services
  • Preparing financial statements
  • Trial balance services
  • Preparing sales reports
  • Preparing purchase reports
  • Cash flow statement
  • Day-to-day bookkeeping and accounting
  • Books balanced and reconciled quarterly
  • Management accounts produced quarterly
  • Annual accounts and tax returns preparation
  • Expert tax advice to minimize tax liability
  • Adjustments to year-end accounts
Can you outsource your entire project, or whether allowed to give certain tasks that I want to outsource?
Yes, you can.
Do you think you will lose control of your business by outsourcing bookkeeping?

No, definitely not. You will be provided with a dashboard where you can access your financial data.

Can other people access data, if you choose Outsourcing accounting?

Only those whom you choose can access your data.