Incorporation & Registrations

Incorporations & Registrations

The incorporation of a company is the legal process used to form a corporate entity.

Are you thinking about starting a business yourself but worried that you don’t have to ability to protect self from lawsuits?

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Setting up a business in India is complex, time- consuming, and involves a number of processes or approvals. This process can be a daunting task for first time entrepreneurs and foreign companies who are not familiar with Indian requirements. We assist in all the steps of incorporation of all levels of entities. Be it a small proprietary concern or a Limited Company, we provide complete assistance in setting up the business entity.
• Incorporation of Companies – Private, Public, Section 8
• Incorporation of LLP
• Formation of Partnership Firm – Drafting and Registration of Deed
• Entities under Societies Act, Indian Trust Act.
• Shops and Establishments Registrations
• GST Registrations
• Registrations under ESI, PF, PT and other labour laws.
• Obtaining of IEC Code.
• Income Tax Act (PAN, TAN)


Registration of Private Limited Company in India

We offer quick and affordable price to register a private limited company. Get a quote. Our services are trusted by thousands of businesses in all major cities of India. All startups needs a Pvt Ltd Company Registration.

Understand Private Limited Company vs. LLP
Private Ltd Company and LLP both are limited liability structures. However, companies offer certain key advantages, especially for startups. Ownership of the company is defined by share capital, which is easy to transfer compared to ownership transfer in LLP. Also, it clearly differentiates management and ownership. Hence, it is preferred by VCs, angel investors and banks for providing debt or equity funding.

However, one should also consider higher compliance and mandatory audit requirement, making it an expensive structure to maintain.


Benefits of Private Limited Company Registration



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