Other Services

Other Services

At various stages of business, various professional services are required to effectively run the business and also for expansion. We assist our clients in all levels and stages. Following are few examples of services provided by us –

  • Representations: We represent our clients in various departments including Income Tax, Service Tax, Sales Tax and GST.
  • Due Diligence
  • — Financial Due Diligence Legal Due Diligence
    — Commercial Due Diligence
    — Key Executive Due Diligence

  • Projections
  • Provisional Financials
  • Tax Planning, Compliance and Advisory services
  • Business Valuation
  • Project Reports
  • Our financial due diligence services include:

  • Accounting practices: Our team will review all accounting procedures for compliance with Generally Accepted
  • Principles. This may include assessments of capitalizable expenses, reserve adjustments, unconsolidated related parties, unrecorded audit adjustments, or any non-compliant revenue credit or inventory accounting practices.
  • Normalizing financial data: We will remove all nonrecurring assets or liabilities from our analysis of the financial statements of a prospective procurement, which helps you gain a much stronger picture of the normal cash flow, income and expenditures.
  • Deal advisory: This is due diligence specific to deal-related financial or contractual issues, such as purchase agreement reviews, earn-out calculations or assessments of debt acquired as part of an acquisition.
  • Working capital analysis and assistance: In a business, working capital is usually calculated as the operating liquidity a new owner has after subtracting current liabilities from current assets in the acquired company. Our team can help calculate precise working capital estimates by making alterations for historical business developments and seasonality, reviewing if principles have been steadily applied in financial statements, and using this information to make final adjustments to post-closing cash flow calculations.
  • Trust our knowledgeable, highly skilled transaction advisory specialists to design and deliver a package of financial due diligence services that can add measurable value to your business needs.
  • Commercial Diligence services

  • Testing significant inputs to the deal valuation. These include steadiness of the company’s current revenue line, validity of claims of growth and revenue potential, and sustainability of profit limitations.
  • Sizing markets. Calculate the addressable market for a target company’s particular set of products and validate the target company’s claims about the growth potential of the market.
  • Testing the competitive position of the target. Test a target company’s market segmentation, placing, and geographic locations relative to other competitors, and identify gaps in investment or market position that can signal potential risks in the future.
  • Testing for business synergies. Conduct a (top-down and bottom-up) collaboration capture to bring clarity to deal with assessment assumptions.
  • Operational diligence. Our Operational Diligence team can help our client companies in critically evaluating a target’s attraction through operational taxations and risk mitigation strategies, linking these findings to deal value for informed transaction decision-making, negotiations, and eventual strategic and financial value realization.
  • Inspecting the investment thesis. Our Strategy team helps companies define how they employ—in alignment with their corporate strategy—to drive profitable growth and enable them to compete effectively in their industry.

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